Diet Food is Making Americans Fat

It has come to the attention of THE UNCOVEROR that "lite," "diet," "low fat," "low calorie," and other such foods and beverages are making us fat.

They contain a powerful drug to block the hormonal signal that tells the brain that we are full, so we will gorge. They also contain another substance to make us feel lethargic, discouraging exercise. 

Why? The diet and weight loss industry is big business, raking in billions each year. A vast conspiracy is afoot to shake us down for even more. Its goal: making us overeat, not exercise enough, and feel bad about it so we will use their products.

Television, magazine, and billboard advertising are part of the conspiracy. Skin-and-bone thin models are shown in sexually provocative poses and clothing, looking happy. They make Americans see their bodies as too fat. We Get the idea that if we looked like these models, we too could be happy, and attractive. Subliminal messages are even used to drive the point home. These methods lure us into to the conspiracy's web of profiteering.

Doctor Simon Hurtz, who used to be a part of the conspiracy, until his daughter became anorexic says, "First, people see the ads, then they buy the doped up foods and beverages, then the drugs kick in."  Dr. Hurtz advises us to eat the foods and drink the beverages that are supposed to be bad for us, not "diet" foods. They are unlikely to contain the drugs. You read it here first!


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