By Matthew Brown, publisher

Recently, KFC has been running a series of television commercials featuring the Lynard Skynard song, Sweet Home Alabama. I thought this was strange since KFC was supposed to stand for Kentucky Fried chicken. In an attempt to find out what was going on, I sent the following two letters.

Dear KFC:

Recently, I noticed that your Chicken Capital USA advertisements are using the Lynard Skynard song, Sweet Home Alabama. As a Kentuckian, I find this disturbing. Have you disowned Kentucky? Are you now Alabama Fried Chicken?

Matthew Brown
Publisher of Uncoveror.com

Honorable Ernie Fletcher, Governor of Kentucky:

It seems that KFC has disowned Kentucky. That was supposed to stand for Kentucky Fried Chicken, but now they are running advertisements using the song, Sweet Home Alabama as if it were Alabama Fried Chicken. Is there any truth to the rumor that they changed their name to only its initials because the Commonwealth has trademarked its name, and will not allow them to use it? If this is so, it may be why they wish to disassociate themselves from us. The entire world has heard of Kentucky because of that restaurant chain, and has a generally positive image of us. It would be a terrible shame if they have disowned Kentucky.

Matthew Brown
Publisher of Uncoveror.com

KFC responded this way:

Dear Mr. Brown

We appreciate that you took the time to contact us regarding one of our commercials. We are always happy to hear from our customers. In regards to your question as to why the song “Sweet Home Alabama” is being played in the background of this particular commercial, it is because it's Southern-inspired and that’s what KFC is all about.

Thank you again for contacting us.

Diane Bloem
KFC Public Relations

So, KFC is now only Generically Southern Fried Chicken? This is not a denial that they have disowned Kentucky!
Here is the response I received from Governor Fletcher's office.

They are concerned, as am I that Kentucky Fried Chicken is the main thing that made Kentucky world renowned. They also pointed out that trademark protecting the Commonwealth's name did not drive the restaurant chain away. It seems that a business decision is a business decision, and Kentucky's Governor can do nothing about it. What is next? Will the Kentucky Derby be renamed?

Only the public can make a difference. Everyone who cares needs to let Yum! Restaurants and KFC know that we want our Kentucky Fried Chicken, not Alabama Fried Chicken and not Generically Southern Fried Chicken! It is up to us.

UPDATE: The name, Kentucky Fried Chicken lives again at least at one location. A new restaurant in Louisville Kentucky has the proper name right on the marquee. They say more are coming. Public pressure works.